9 Dangers of Having a Weak Gutter System

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

All of these dangers will cost you time and money for repairs, which could easily be avoided by installing high-quality, long-lasting gutter systems and coverings. See what Metro's gutter coverings can do for your home. 

A poorly functioning gutters system can cause a world of problems!9. Stained siding
If gutters are clogged and water doesn't have a proper place to flow away from your roof, it'll likely spill over onto your siding or onto your lawn…

8. Erosion
When your gutters are clogged water can spill off your roof onto your home's foundation, causing water to damage foundation, sneak into your basement, and cause other water-related damages.

7. Mold growth
Damp siding and foundation can cause mold to grow in your basement or on the sides of your house.

6. Ugly stains
Enough water splashing onto your siding, walkways or foundation will eventually cause stains that are hard to remove and very unpleasant to look at.

Clogged gutters attract mosquitoes5. Mosquito paradise
Clogged gutters are an often-overlooked prime spot for mosquito breeding grounds. Simply having mosquitoes attracted to your house puts you and your family more at risk to bites and even diseases like West Nile virus.

4. Rotting
Water spilling over the gutters can cause the wooden components of your home to rot.

3. Weak structure
Rotting fascia, soffit, door jams, window sills, and siding shingles will weaken your home overall.

Clogged gutters often cause ice dams2. Ice dams
If your gutters are clogged with leaves, ice and snow won't be able to properly drain from your roof.

1. Lowered curb appeal and resale value
No buyer will want a home without a safe and effective gutter system. Even if the house has no water damage currently, who wants to buy a home where they know they'll have to deal with water damage down the line?


Leaves must be cleared from gutters year-round, but especially in the fall before winter hits. To prevent having to clean your gutters often, install reliable gutter coverings.

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