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Exterior painting comes with a unique set of challenges that must be understood for a high-quality finish. How well your paint withstands these challenges will determine the appearance and value of your house, as well as how long it will take before repainting is necessary.

At Metro Construction, we specialize in exterior house and commercial painting of all types. We take pride in our reputation for great-looking results, fair prices, and customer satisfaction.

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BEHR makes it easy to choose paint for your next project. With award-winning quality and colors, BEHR paint is made available for most budgets.

BEHR Exterior Paint & Primer

BEHR Exterior Paint & Primer is the all in one, ideal paint for exteriors. With varying sheen, gorgeous colors, BEHR paints complement any style home, making your vision a reality.

Types of Paint:


Features Include:

  • Resists dirt & fading
  • Long lasting color
  • Fewer coats needed
  • Antimicrobial and mildew resistant
  • Varying gloss and sheen to your preference
  • Stunning, vivid colors

The best paint jobs are resilient

When looking for exterior paints, it’s essential to understand the relative importance of each of the factors that make up a particular paint product.

Combined with the unique setting of your home, this decision will be the difference between years of satisfaction with your home’s exterior versus a new paint job five years down the line.

Five traits make the best exterior paint:

1. Long-lasting appearance:

Your paint should be able to maintain its color and gloss for years to come.

2. Strong adherence properties:

Your paint will need to be able to adhere strongly to the surfaces where it’s applied, particularly if that surface is old, weathered paint.

3. Chalking resistance:

Your paint should be able to resist chalking for the life of the paint.

4. Flexibility:

It should be able to flex and compress with your building materials as they change shape and size with temperature and moisture levels.

5. Stain & fungal resistance:

Your paint should not attract dirt, nor should it be excessively susceptible to mold, algae, or mildew growth.

Every home has unique paint needs

After considering these factors about your paint, it’s also important to ask more specific questions about your home. How will the wood or siding of your home be prepared to best accept the paint you’re applying? How much UV light does your home experience?

Will your home’s new color fit in your neighborhood?

The professionals at Metro Construction can help you answer these questions and ensure the best possible paint choice for your home when you schedule a free quote!

“Green” exterior paint choices

Most of the highest-rated paints for both the interior and exterior of your home have a high level of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in their design. While these toxic chemicals are unlikely to cause health issues when on the outside of your home, these emissions can contribute to environmental damage.

One compromise to consider is to use recycled paint on your home. The performance is comparable to other paints, but you can rest a little easier knowing that you’re helping to do your part for the earth.

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Purchase with Purpose

For every Metro project we install, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the five giving projects that support Hunger in America, Children’s Hospitals & Health, and the Environment.