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What follows a hail storm? Scams

If your home is caught in the path of a hail storm this summer remain calm. If your roof isn’t leaking then you have ample time to do your research for a reputable local roofing contractor. Remember that the cheapest price isn’t always a good thing simply because you might get poor results in the long run. Less profitability often results in substandard products and service.

Denver, CO – June 23, 2016

Metro Construction has received numerous calls the past few weeks from bewildered homeowners claiming they have been “ripped off” by out of state “door knocking” storm chasing roofing companies, using the “Jones Effect”. “We are replacing many of your neighbors roofs so we can offer you a “smoking deal.” The scams reportedly range from offering to pay the homeowners deductible, which is illegal in Colorado,* to requiring money up front only to never to be seen or heard from again; or simply building a roof that doesn’t pass inspection. When the homeowner attempts to contact the company, it becomes an excersize of futility in that they are nowhere to be found.

It is no secret that Colorado ranks second only to Texas in claims filed due to hail and the season is just beginning so we have a long way to go this summer. This and our growing economy is what attracts these out of state storm chasers to our front range community.

ABC. Always Buy Colorado. If you suspect that your roof may have damage due to hail or otherwise, contacting a local company brings the obvious benefits and peace of mind. Let’s face it, most of us do not know the first thing about our roof and we certainly do not want to attempt to inspect it ourselves!

Remember that if your home is hit by hail size matters. The official definition of severe hail that is used by The National Weather Service is one inch in diameter or greater. That being said, hail smaller than one inch in diameter can still cause damage due to wind velocity.

*See 18-13-119.5 Abuse of property insurance